Saturday, July 30, 2005

Innovation and Creativity

This is all about what you can do if you only try and don't listen to people who tell you something can't be done. This is about my nephew Gabe. Now Gabe is interested if spiders and insects. Gabe is also interested in photography so it is only logical who would like to photograph spiders and insects. Gabe is also on a limited budget which didn't allow for a digital SLR and expensive close up lenses.
Gabe does have a decent 6 megapixel fixed lens digital camera. Gabe also had the optics from some old video and still cameras. Even though he has no formal education beyond high school Gabe designed and constructed add on lenses for his fixed lens camera using those old optical component's, film cans, cardboard tubes, rubber bands and tape. The results speak for themselves and the pictures are technically as good as I have seen. His love of the subject matter shows as well as I would also consider many of them art.

To see more of Gabe's work head over to spiders, insects and other pics.
The United States and the world have a lot of problems. With a liitle innovation and creativity they all have a solution. Gabe should be an example to all of us. Don't listen to anyone who tells you there are no solutions but most of all don't listen to the polticians that tell you there are no problems.

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