Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blue Heron Poster

I did some PhotoShop minipulation of the Blue heron image below to make it look more like an illustration than a photograph. I then put this wonderful quote from Henry David Thoreau on the top and created a poster. The resolution had to be drastically reduced for the web so yopu can't get the depth of the poster which I have printed 13" x 19" and I could have it printed much larger. Here is the Thoreau quote:

April 19, 1852 Scared up three blue herons in the little pond close by, quite near us. It was a grand sight to see them rise, so slow and stately, so long and limber, with an undulating motion from head to foot, undulating also their large wings, undulating in two directions, and looking warily about them. With this graceful, limber, undulating motion they arose, as if so they got under way, their two legs trailing parallel far behind like an earthy residuum to be left behind.

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