Monday, August 13, 2007

New Printer

As a print maker I need a good printer. My Epson 1280 died after six years and I purchased a new Epson 1800 today. As an engineer I know that Epson makes a great product - I worked for them for several years. As an artist I know they make a great product in part because of the wonderful media selections they have. Well I have been testing my new 1800 today. I was curious how it would do black and white. The picture above was taken with a Hasselblad about 30 years ago. I had a good 11x14 silver print so it seemed like a good test since I also had a scanned negative. I printed the scanned image - not as good as the silver image but close. I suspect that with a little effort I could make it as good since I did no tweaking in Photoshop. I think Ansel Adams would love the possibilities.

Click On Picture For Larger Image

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